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The Nila story was created out of my love for the ocean and my unending questions of why do I exist, and what is the purpose of life.

Battered Seashell Battered Seashell

After a winter storm, my wife and I walked the Coronado Island beach. The summer accumulation of sand had been stripped away by the aggressive waves and the sand dollars with it. Left behind was an exposed pile of rocks, which required work to traverse. Scattered about on these jagged stones were large pink and opalescent spiral shells. Surprisingly, many of them were only cracked and chipped, and the seagulls had yet to discover the awaiting treasure. Life still stirred within each intact shell as I touched the exposed flesh. As I sat rubbing the shell with my thumb and gazing out over the rough, gray water, I pondered the meaning of life and how it might be to live in the ocean. Playing with conjured up images in my head, while adding a few of my own potent life experiences—Nila entered into my life.

Nila Water 5 Star Readers' Review

Nila: Water (Book One)

Nila Water by Author Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila Water, the first book in the series, emerges as a blend of the parallel realities that Seth lives in. Developing a debilitating illness with an excruciating skin condition, he has lived a life of isolation. He escapes to the bedtime stories told by his father, of a beneficent race of Nila, who live on earth and in the oceans. Suffering also the loss of his father, who abruptly disappears from his life, he becomes attracted to his beautiful, tantalizing caretaker, Kate, who shares the house entrusted to him by his father. They mutually agree he should undergo four risky treatments recommended by his doctor, Eshe, to curb his ailing condition.

The questionable intentions of Seth’s powerful father for humans and for Nila are revealed during the course of treatments. Are Seth’s real-life experiences during the treatments actually his new life in the ocean, or a result of the drug being administered? His companion in the journeys becomes a surrogate father as he trains Seth to transform between human and Nila, and to live as Nila under water. Seth’s physical health improves over the course of the treatments, convincing Seth that his experiences are real. However, his fantasies of a peaceful, free life as Nila are quickly shattered as his Nila companion reveals Seth’s destiny as a key participant in their freedom as they struggle to survive the devastation wrought upon the planet by humans, already fatal to Nila existence.

"What a whirlwind of incredible storytelling that brought me back to my re-introduction to an all encompassing feeling of universal love when I first started freestyle swimming in the mama ocean. I immediately felt my inner child bursting with joy together with an overwhelming feeling of peace much like a warm shawl wrapped around me on a blustery winter evening. Reading Daniel's book, Nila: Water, brought me back to this place where suddenly I did not feel so small and worried. I am meant to be here now and to enjoy every experience. Thank you Daniel, for evoking these feelings once again through your beautiful story of such heart-centered characters. Although there was also a serious note to the threat of the Nila beings, I am optimistic that they will rise above and evolve. I truly believe in the Divine Love within All That Is that connects all beings across the universe. My feeling of faith and endearment for your Nila characters is one of resiliency and compassion as we are all in this together. I look forward to reading the other books in your Nila Series." —Desiree, Auburn, CA

Nila: Air (Book Two)

Nila Air by Author Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila Air, in the second book, Seth discovers the perilous motives behind his father’s heartless actions that caused his debilitated health, isolation, and suffering. Now reborn on a new pristine world, Nila are determined to rebuild their community and face any new challenges.

Finally living as a true Nila, Seth must learn how to deal with the withdrawals of his former human life. Boredom and heartache force Seth to search within himself for his meaning and purpose while his relationship with Kate deteriorates with the presence of Raymond, who becomes the Red Crystal Bearer that Seth and his father previously held.

Seth’s connection with the mysterious Her—Nila’s spiritual leader—intensifies as he attempts to decipher new visions from Her. Straying from Nila protocol, Seth discovers a new threat—the current winged inhabitants. Boredom quickly turns into adventure and self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions. Can Seth bring peace between his Nila family and the inhabitants, and does he have time?

"Thanks to Seth, the Nila have found a new home, but once they start exploring they realize their new world might not be the paradise they hope for. There is minimal plant life, very few aquatic animals, and fleas, Zerths, constantly nipping at them. To complicate matters, Seth learns the swimming Nila aren't they only Nila on the planet. On a nearby island, flying Nila prepare to migrate north to avoid an oncoming threat. When Seth learns that this threat will also affect his swimming family, he must convince them to leave the planet, while discovering his true purpose as Nila.
Nila: Air is the sequel to Nila: Water, and the second book in the Nila Trilogy. It is full of imaginative waterscapes and new creatures. Linsteadt has crafted another science fiction masterpiece. But the real brilliance behind it is the characters. The book is full of complicated characters with unique motivations, clouding their judgement. Some harbor grudges against Seth's dad, Sam, while other's want to protect their families at all cost. The combination makes for a spellbinding tale full of wonder. Highly recommended." —Ben Adams

Nila: Fire (Book Three)

Nila ~ Fire by Author Daniel G Linsteadt

Nila Fire, the third book, has Seth, a Nila Swimmer, and his adopted family of Nila flyers finding themselves back on their home planet, Earth. Assisted by two hikers, Vuna is nursed back to health after his attack by Zerths. Vuna and Zuri’s fast-growing daughter Seva connects them, as flyers, with humans, and they learn their reason for returning to Earth—to assist their own kind!

Jiva and Kava go on a mission given to them by Gian, where they obtain the clear crystal and a quest from Sam. Kava returns to the flyers with the clear crystal, while Jiva leaves the flock with a map, a riddle, and Britta—Sam’s housekeeper.

On his own mission, Seth is saved by Xcina from stormy waters. He learns his family of swimmers has also returned to Earth and safe from the Zerths. Taken to a lavender planet, Xcina passes the mantle of “She” onto him, but not before giving him instructions to find his father. With new visions of darkness, yellow eyes, and imminent danger, he reluctantly searches for his father. Hearing Sam’s version of events, beginning with his childhood, Seth sets out to reunite Sam with his Nila family of swimmers and Aiyana, Seth’s mother.

Seth and his family leave Earth to live in a paradise, which causes a rift for the swimmers. Tragedy strikes, which causes Seth to lose his way. Nila of a new form are coaxed into saving Seth, which rekindles past mistrust between Lara and Zuri, both She. What are Lara’s real motives behind assisting Seth?

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