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My stories reflect the metamorphosis of our nature, our being, our essence or soul. The Oaf Series reflects our natural world that embraces each of us in its mysteries. To evolve, instill balance, and be present within yourself and all life sharing this exquisite planet, we must transform in both considerations and actions. The Nila Series represents the soul’s evolutionary metamorphosis from infancy to maturity of awareness. For example, the poem from Nila Water below, is the metaphor of water and our conscious or unconscious quest for realization...


The master of transformation,
its qualities alter with each new form.
With the simple change in a degree,
life is held hostage unto thee.
In cold a solid is born.

Where beauty sparkles in both blue and white,
exposing desires to be alone,
life is left feeling forlorn.

Warmth melts the emptiness locked within,
tears of sadness trickle and flow.
Seeking the lowest and filling the heart,
merging with life, no longer apart.

Life breathes in to release its essence,
floating aimlessly is the soul.
Driven apart by heat,
only by rising can rejoining be complete.

Transformation continues the drumbeat.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me.

Daniel G Linsteadt

Oaf Stories by Daniel G Linsteadt

The Oaf Series targets middle-grade children who enjoy fantasy and magical creatures. Each story will charm you into a precious and endearing relationship with the Oaf, who is the guardian of the woods and all of nature.

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Nila Stories by Daniel G Linsteadt

The Nila Series targets the young and old who enjoy thought-provoking fantasy or magical surrealism. I blend mystical philosophy with a much needed message about compassion toward one's self and our world.

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